Risk and Benefit

The foreign exchange market has become so vast and wealthy in a short period of time through a number of factors including market size and volatility. When considering the risks and benefits of engaging trade in forex, and investor/broker should consider  the highly liquid nature of this market. Investors operating in forex have the option… Continue Reading

Reading a Forex Quote

So now that we have some basic understanding about forex, a potential investor might be considering doing business on the market. If that’s the case, it may help to be able to understand a forex quote. Because forex deals with the exchange of two different types of currency, the quote price has to reflect the… Continue Reading

Opening A Forex Brokerage Account

After a potential investor has decided to open a forex account and trade on the worldwide market, certain steps have to be taken to participate in forex. Things to Consider There are many factors to consider when engaging in forex trading: the amount of leverage a trader can influence during trades, the volatility of the… Continue Reading

Forex vs. Everyone Else

Investors have options. Between the ever-growing number of trading instruments from blue chips, industrials, and futures, trying to decide where to trade can be an overwhelming decision to new investors. Forex’s fast pace and inherent market volatility make for an attractive consideration, particularly for speculators and investors capable of adapting to an ever-changing trade environment…. Continue Reading

Direct Currency Quote vs. Indirect Currency Quote

With the understanding of base/quote currencies as quoted on forex, the potential investor should not consider how to quote a currency pair. This can be done either through direct or indirect quotes. A direct currency quote refers to any currency pair where the domestic currency serves as the quoted currency. If, for example, one were… Continue Reading